An open letter to one of the competitors in the ONC RPC market

Dear Competitor,

Do you think your marketing tactics are unethical?

We do and we strongly protest your unhealthy marketing methods.

We work hard to build our brand name and you are trying to steal it.

You have setup many ad-words on Google, so when people search specifically for "Netbula PowerRPC" and other Netbula products, your ad-words would show up. (see image) Why do you do that?

Do you have anything to offer that is even close to our PowerRPC? We don't see it.

When companies choose Netbula RPC products, they have already compared our products and your products, they actually tell us that they are doing a comprasion. Most of them chose us not because they don't know you, but because of something else.

Companies use Netbula RPC in mission critical applications, because Netbula RPC delivers the quality, performance and innovative features they need most.

Business may be tough these days, but let's compete in a more productive way.


Netbula RPC Team


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