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RPCINFO for Windows NT/95/98

Rpcinfo32 is a port of Sun ONC RPC's rpcinfo to Windows NT/95/98 by Netbula, LLC, a company specialized in Power RPC development tools.

Download the newest version of RPCINFO for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP


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To register RPCINFO for Win32, please use our secure online order form which can be found at

Download RPCINFO (Free) for Pocket PC at the image link below

Click to download RPCINFO for Pocket PC



To get information about available RPC servers on a host, enter the hostname and press "Get info" button.

To test if a RPC program is ready, select a list of programs to click the Ping button, this will make an RPC call to procedure 0 of the server.

To find out all hosts whch has certain RPC server (program), click the Explore button, this will use broadcast RPC to collect info from all hosts on a local area network.


To get the names of the RPC servers (such as portmapper), you need to rename the text file named rpc to %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\rpc.

You may need to add additional entries to it.

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