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Netbula ONC RPC For Windows NT SDK can be downloaded from this site for a 30 day free trial. The SDK contains the necessary components for developing ONC RPC server/clients on Windows NT/98/95, including RPCGEN, Portmapper service, PowerRPC runtime DLL for Winsock1, RPCINFO and sample client/server programs, including a MFC RPC client.

If you are familiar with UNIX RPC, then there is almost nothing
different between Netbula ONC RPC and its UNIX counterpart, you

  1. compile a .x file into C stub files.
  2. use a C compiler, such as VC++ or Borland C++, to compile the stub code, you need to include the Netbula header files.
  3. link with the pwrpc32 import library.
  4. run the RPC server/client

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