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AnyShop offers advanced and affordable solutions for small businesses. Instead of leasing online stores and pay monthly charges for e-commerce, you can pay a one time fee to license the AnyShop software and install it on your own web server. AnyShop gives you total contaol, it allows you to configure the shop to any way you want with an intuitive interface.

Key features: product configurator, shipping & tax, credit card processing, discounts and coupons.

Online demo:
Demo Shop
Shop Admin link
(login: admin; to obtain admin password please email support

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Main features of AnyShop

  • Very easy installation. We have learnt to make installation easy! All you need to know is how to FTP files.
  • Elegant and intuitive interface.
  • In-place administration allows you to administer the shop direcly on the shop pages, so you can see the changes immediately.
  • Abitrary number of categories and sub categories, individually configurable.
  • Cross list products in multiple categories.
  • Configure the shop to look the way you want, by placing different functional block in any location you choose.
  • Close/open shop with notices. When the shop is closed, customers will be able to browse the products, but unable to make purchases.
  • Set currency symbols. Default is $.
  • Upload product images and icons.
  • Add abitrary number of product properties, each with unlimited number of options, with price adjustments. For example, you can easily create a PC configurator with 8 choices of CD-ROM and 10 choices of video card.
  • Setup related products for each product, related products are shown when user select the product.
  • Setup product discounts with expirations dates.
  • Setup shipping costs and taxes via the admin interface.
  • Create public and private coupons with complex conditions, such as buy A and get 5% off on B. Public coupons are published on the site and private coupons must be picked up by entering coupon code.
  • Search products.
  • Set allowable credit card types. Auto-check the validity of card number format.
  • Order management and reporting.
  • Realtime credit card processing. Powerful online configurator allows you to use almost any credit card processing solutions. You simply map the fields in AnyShop orders to the fields required by the realtime processor, and AnyShop will generate the approriate payment submission form. For providers like Authorize.NET and WorldPay, AnyShop has built-in function to process the relay response-- http/https callbacks from the processor and set the payment status accordingly. Using relay response allows you to control all web pages displayed to the customer. When the customer clicks on the pay button, the transaction is sent to the processor's server, which calls back on AnyShop via a server-to-server http connection with status and other info, AnyShop generates a web page for the processor's server, which then displays it on the customer's browser.
  • If you do not want to handle the billing information yourself, you can choose to let AnyShop direct the user directly to the payment processor's forms.
  • AnyShop sent the nicely formatted order confirmation with order details to user as email attachment, along with post-order instructions set for the products. It also notifies the site owner with blind copy email.
  • Backup Shop function. So you do not worry about losing data.
  • View Carts. The administrator can peek into any active shopping carts and see what customers are trying to buy.
  • Buy button. AnyShop can generate a buy button for a product, which can be inserted anywhere.

All the features above are accessed via the browser, no manual editing of configurations files needed.


  • Free version. Missing features such as coupons, realtime credit card processing and backup functions. Limit to 20 products.
  • Silver version. All features included. Limit to 100 products.
  • Gold version. All features included. Unlimited number of products.


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