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Create test AnyBoard by yourself

Want to give a try to create and test AnyBoard? You can do it here.

Netbula has setup a site for you to test the fully functional AnyBoard out, by allowing you to
create a new board, and play with it. Testing boards will be deleted after 10 days.

Conditions for using this service

  1. Read the instruction on how to create AnyBoard first.
  2. Do not do anything that harms Netbula
  3. Do not abuse the system, limit the amount of data posted to the testing board you created.
  4. Do not use it to post or send nasty/illegal messages to anyone.
  5. Netbula may show your testing board for illustration.
  6. Limit the use of it for testing only....Netbula will delete the testing board after 10 days.

I agree to the conditions above and want to test AnyBoard out

No, bye bye

All activities on the testing boards are logged.

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