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Why AnyBoard is the ultimate solution for a web host

The Superior Quality A Multi-function Program
No Modification for Relocation New Additions to the Family

In terms of functionality, there is simply no match for AnyBoard and providing AnyBoard to your customers will definitely make them happier.  It will make your life happier and easier also.

However, there are still more reasons for a web host to choose AnyBoard. Read on to see why AnyBoard can save you hundreds of hours support time and enhance the image of your company at the same time!

The quality of the programs you offer reflects on your company.

There's an old saying, "you are judged by the company you keep".  What will your customers think of your company if you offer problematic programs, especially once they learn of better ones?  If they have a BBS or a chat program that you provided and it causes them problems, they may not be happy with you because of the choices you made.  It may not matter to them that you aren't the author. You chose shoddy programs to offer them. Their problems become your problems.  They may look for a host that offers better quality programs and puts them first.

Most people like things to be easy and trouble free.  With an increasing and already large number of computer novices creating their own online communities via their web sites, and a large number of hosts offering approximately equal hosting plans, there is a definite advantage in standing out from the crowd.  One way to do that is to offer quality programs that meet their needs (ease of use and setup, reliability, richness of features, supported and upgraded, etc.)   The easier you make it for them, the more likely you are to get them and keep them as a client.  You also make it easier for yourself in the process.  They may even decide against switching to a host with a more attractive hosting plan simply because of the value of the services you offer with AnyBoard.

Some hosting companies spend a considerable amount of resources making their sites and hosting plans attractive, then slap together several programs for their customers that detract from that initial effort.  It's almost like being impeccably dressed and wearing an old, ratty, scuffed pair of shoes.

Many won't know the difference between a T1 and a T3, but they will know (or learn) the difference between a program that crashes, cross posts, and limits them in function and appearance, and one that doesn't.  If their users don't like the program, they won't be happy with it either. Choose wisely. Your choices reflect on you.

Give some thought to what you offer and everything you offer.  Whether it is a counter program or anything else, choose those that offer the most versatility and your customers will appreciate it.

AnyBoard is a multi-function program, not just a BBS

Your customers and their users will like it for many reasons.  A common interface and a single registration (when enabled or needed)  is all that is necessary to access the following functions:

  • the most fully featured discussion program available, with a constantly growing set of features for both users and administrators (at both levels of administration, admin and moderators)
  • private discussions
  • polling
  • guest book
  • e-mail list and mailing
  • chat rooms
  • links submission
  • events submission and sign up
  • general web form processing. AnyBoard can replace and other simple scripts such as, plus the added security from AnyBoard's authentication system.

For all these reasons and many more, we feel your customers will think more highly of you if you think to provide them with AnyBoard.  Features that will be added in the future will extend the capabilities of AnyBoard even further and make it even more integral as an essential component of online communities and the ultimate groupware for them.  In fact, we are building a whole suite of products using the code and technologies developed for AnyBoard.  Eventually, all the most common groupware functions will be available in a suite of products with a common interface, registration, ease of use, and other features that AnyBoard already excels at.

It will make life easier for you too.  You don't need to license several products or become familiar with them and any subsequent changes to offer several services.  AnyBoard alone can provide those services.  It is so well written and easily upgraded that you will only have to become familiar with any new features rather than learn several programs all over again.

You only need ONE copy of the AnyBoard script on a server.  That single copy of AnyBoard  can be shared by ALL virtual hosts on that server, and your customers do not need to modify the script, they only need to go the web and click on a link to create forums.

If you provide wwwboard to your customers, you need to 1) copy the script to the customer domains cgi-bin/, 2) give them instructions on how to install it, 3) answer tech questions if the customer do not know how to do it.

With AnyBoard, you don't need to do any of the above. If you look at AnyBoard, it does not have the web server name or forum directory name specified anywhere in the script, AnyBoard will figure out the web server name and the forum location by itself. Suppose you have total N virtual hosts on a machine, e.g,,, ....., this is how you share the script for all these domains (using Apache server as an example)

  1. Install AnyBoard.cgi under some directory, say, /global/cgi-bin/AnyBoard.cgi
  2. Create the master_cfg_dir somewhere, and create the master admin through the init command.
  3. ScriptAlias /global/cgi-bin (say, /cgi-sys/ ) at the server level, so all virtual hosts will take the ScriptAlias, and AnyBoard is accessible to all hosts at the URL /cgi-sys/AnyBoard.cgi. For, AnyBoard is at, for, it is at
That is it! All virtual domains now have AnyBoard! For, to create a board, simply go to the URL, AnyBoard will create forums under's home directory, wherever it is. The same is true for all other domains on that server.

When you upgrade AnyBoard, you make changes to the single copy of AnyBoard on your system, and all virtual hosts, old and new, will have the newer version instantly.

Furthermore, you can control the configurations of all AnyBoard forums by simply putting an .override file under the master_cfg_dir. For instance, on, there are actually several virtual hosts (,, et al), and they all share the same AnyBoard script.  To limit the number of active messages allowed for the forums, we simply add a line to the .override file, and all boards will have the same limit.

When you relocate a domain to another physical directory, AnyBoard needs no modifications and will continue to run without any interruption

Suppose is originally at /home/mydomain/www/, and it has an AnyBoard forum at the URL, now you decide to move this domain to /home1/mydomain/www/, what will happen to the AnyBoard forum? Nothing!

With most other BBS programs (such as wwwboard), the board will stop working, and the script needs to be modified to use the new path. Your customer will complain loudly.

No changes is needed for AnyBoard! In fact, there is no place for you to change in the script. The forum is still at, and it will run as if it has never been moved.

New additions to the family

We are building an entire family of products with the code and technologies developed for AnyBoard and will be able to provide an entire, inter operative and integrated set of solutions. With this suite of web tools, one does not need to look elsewhere for solutions.

We are presently  working on:

1) AnyShop. A pretty good shopping system.
2) Ecard. An ecard system derived from AnyShop

3) AnyForm. A program that handles any form creation and processing needs.

4) DB extension to AnyBoard, allows user to define and maintain tables of information.

5) FileMan. A module that can be used to manage server files on the web.

6) Instant messaging (which will also be integrted into AnyBoard)


1) 2) and 3) are almost ready. 4) depends on 3).
We are also planning to integrate AnyEmail in some way.

There are also other small things we plan to add.


There are many reasons for choosing AnyBoard, and it benefits hosting companies, their customers, and their users.  You can look at AnyBoard from the perspective of site administrators (your customers and potential customers), their users and community members, and from that as a host, and you won't find a program that comes close to AnyBoard in function, benefits and overall, value.

Many of our customers have used several programs and can offer further insight into what they look for in a host, and what they think of AnyBoard, especially compared to other programs.  Some of them participate in our support forum and you are welcome to ask their opinions.  We don't think you'll need to.  The information contained here and elsewhere on our site should be enough to help you realize that AnyBoard is the right choice for you, your customers, and their users, now, and in the future.  With our ofrthcoming additions to the family, you won't need to look any further than right here for the finest quality products in groupware.

The Superior Quality A Multi-function Program
No Modification for Relocation New Additions to the Family

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